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My Own Personal Water a shoe

Stiletto heels are a ride all unto themselves!  So naturally I had to make one into an amusement park shoe.  This shoe is called Water Park Shoe.  Generic, I know, but I'd rather be safe than risk a trademark infraction.

School House Altered Shoe

This School House Rocks!

Way back in the spring I had a friend ask me to create something special for a friend of his.  His friend is a retired school teacher who loves shoes.

So I noodled it over for months and months trying to come up with something.  There's nothing spectacular about a shoe decorated with crayons and erasers.  I knew I had to come up with something more creative than that.

Red Flame Race Car Altered Art Shoe Is Ready

Red Flame Race Car Altered Art Shoe by Sharon Stroud

Revved Up And Ready To Go!

My race car altered art shoe is finally up and running!  I'm so happy with it how it turned out.  It definitely has the "wow" factor.  I used large rhinestones for the headlights and tail lights.  I even added dual exhaust tailpipes!  The scoop and spoiler have handpainted flames.  T

New Product Coming Soon!

New Product Alert!

I have finally finished my newest shoe.  I haven't taken photos yet so I'll just give you a brief preview.  It's a red race car, complete with my version of a flame job!  That's all I'm going to say about the details.  You'll just have to wait for photos.  Hopefully I'll have time to do that this afternoon.

I had so much fun making this car shoe!  My head is full of ideas for other designs.  I hope you will enjoy this fun shoe as much as I do.


Zombie Alert!

Zombies are breaking out all over the place!

Well, maybe just two.  I have finally finished my Zombie Crypt Shoe and it's quite something.  I actually finished it and then decided to add one more creepy little fellow.  They were just so much fun to make.

Skeletons Not In The Closet

The Search For Skeletons

I've already started to prepare for the Halloween season.  My first project is a zombie boot.  I really wanted to have a skeleton or two hanging about, but I neglected to buy any last fall.  Bummer!  So I've been searching the local stores, thinking it shouldn't be that hard to find some leftover Halloween supplies.  So wrong.  I started with a party supply store.  I thought surely they would have some.  Nope.  Then I went to all the craft stores, again with no success.  Same

First Blog Post and Update for Sharon Stroud Designs


Hi!  My name is Sharon and I'm glad you stopped by my blog.  In this blog I will share the latest going's on in my business and life.

Future Topics

  • New projects and updates
  • Tutorials
  • Craft supply reviews
  • Techniques and trends
  • Videos

Current Projects

At this time I'm working on two different projects.  I have a brown Easter bunny altered shoe that is almost complete.  Hopefully it will be available this weekend.