Snowbound In My Studio

Snowmageddon 2015 - Making The Best of It

After three snowstorms in the last two weeks I think I've had enough of winter.  Not to mention burning up two days of vacation because of it doesn't make it any better.

On the plus side I have used the time to get some work done.  For some odd reason my creations lately have been in the vacation and summer themes!  I imagined the scrapbook first.  And as I contemplated ideas for the book I thought about times past when people used to travel with class.  So of course I thought of travel trunks.  I possibly have watched too many old Agatha Christie movies!

My first two vacation offerings are ready and listed.  The scrapbook is called The Traveler and the trunk is called Old World Travel Trunk.  The scrapbook has too many features to show in photos so I've posted a video as well which shows the book in more detail.  At the end of the scrapbook video is a sneak preview of the travel trunk.

At the present time I have two more projects in the works.  The first one is another 5x7 travel scrapbook.  I haven't titled it yet.  I'm currently snowbound again and so I'm continuing to daydream about distant, warm lands!  Maybe I should call it "Take Me Away"!!

The second project is a new altered art shoe sculpture.  I've been thinking about and planning this one for a few months now.  My process is simple.  I stare at the shoe until I can visualize what I want it to look like.  Then I just get started and figure out how to make it come together as I go along.  It's about half finished and I have to say I'm loving it so far!  It's not named yet either, but I'll just say think "Water Park".



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