The Search For Skeletons

I've already started to prepare for the Halloween season.  My first project is a zombie boot.  I really wanted to have a skeleton or two hanging about, but I neglected to buy any last fall.  Bummer!  So I've been searching the local stores, thinking it shouldn't be that hard to find some leftover Halloween supplies.  So wrong.  I started with a party supply store.  I thought surely they would have some.  Nope.  Then I went to all the craft stores, again with no success.  Same result with the thrift stores.  Not a  skeleton in sight.

Since my local search was a wash-out I resorted to an online search.

Online Shopping

  1. EBay - Limited results.  I did find one skeleton in a coffin which was doll house size.  It was $5, but time ran out on me and I missed it
  2. Oriental Trading - Very disappointed to find nothing at all
  3. Etsy - Lots of keys and jewelry charms
  4. Amazon - Finally success! (I hope)

After searching through what seemed like a hundred pages I found a skeleton garland.  It has 4 six inch skeletons for $7.00.  A bargain if they're halfway decent.


In the meantime I came up with this little mummy just in case.  He's poseable and I can think of many ways he will be used next Halloween.

Witch shoe with cute mummyHandmade mummy    








The little mummy is peeking out from my Zombie Boot. I'm steadily working on it and hope to have it ready in the next few days. I don't think he can wait.  He's either saying "Hello" or he wants to armwrestle! 



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