A New Whimsical Ukulele!

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I'm still going strong on my ukulele obsession!  I have the disease called UAD (ukulele aquisition disorder).  This year I have tried many new cures...Sawtooth Pineapple Soprano, Oscar Schmidt Concert, Enya Round, and Kala SK15 Soprano.  I've got it bad, I know.  So to try to keep the symptoms at bay I've come up with my own cure.  I aquire as many ukuleles as I want but I have to paint and sell them!  I'm doing pretty well with the cure.  I've completed 5 and only kept one.  I've sold 3 and have one ready to list now.  I thought I'd share the latest one I've sold.  It's so nice I probably will paint another one for myself.  I hope you enjoy this look at my latest project!



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