Full Swing Into Spring


Spring!  Thank goodness it's here.  Springtime in Virginia is a strange animal though.  Last weekend I was wearing a coat.  But it was 86 degrees yesterday.  Makes life interesting.

My baby turtle is thriving in his new home.  I think he's almost doubled in size in the last month and is now almost as big as a quarter.  Tootsie loves to eat and sleep (takes after me).  His swimming is still a work in progress.  He's also learning to recognize me and associate me with his food.  I"m his favorite!  He lives in my studio where I can watch his antics as I work.

I'm hard at work on a few projects.  I've listed two new pretty scrapbooks.  They are in beautiful bright flowery patterns.

My next albums will be in a Gothic romance theme, I think.  I also have a whimsical clock in the works.  I have two end tables to paint if I can fit them in my schedule.  I need more hours in my day!



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