Dangerous Coupons

Too Hard To Pass Up

Craft stores are wily entities.  At first you think they're being so nice by sending out those weekly coupons. Twenty percent, thirty percent and the weekly  forty percent on one regular item.  Then there's the rare fifty-five percent coupon.

After much experience and many dollars spent, I can now mostly resist the call of the twenty and thirty percents.  I even can usually let the forty percents expire.  But that evil fifty-five percent coupon.  Who could resist that one?  Not I, I can tell you that!

Of course this coupon was for one day only.  That just adds to the drama.  I really tried to resist.  I worked all day and it was really nasty outside.  So as I left work I asked myself, "Is it really worth it to stop on the way home?"  I did not answer.  My car did.  Somehow (totally without my knowledge) I found my car getting into the turning lane.  And then it stopped at the craft store.  I figured since I was there anyway I should probably just go in and see if there was something I desperately needed.

I wandered the aisles.  All of them.  Of course what I really needed was already on sale.  That's how they get you.  This coupon was only for a regular priced item.  What I intended to buy was one of those spinning racks for paint bottles.  So what I actually bought was a Sizzix Base Tray. 


Now I have no idea what this tray is for.  I do have a Sizzix Big Shot.  So I figure I can go to You Tube and learn how to use it.  Whether it's something I need or will have any use for remains to be seen.

But I got a great deal!



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