A New Whimsical Ukulele!

I'm still going strong on my ukulele obsession!  I have the disease called UAD (ukulele aquisition disorder).  This year I have tried many new cures...Sawtooth Pineapple Soprano, Oscar Schmidt Concert, Enya Round, and Kala SK15 Soprano.  I've got it bad, I know.  So to try to keep the symptoms at bay I've come up with my own cure.  I aquire as many ukuleles as I want but I have to paint and sell them!  I'm doing pretty well with the cure.  I've completed 5 and only kept one.  I've sold 3 and have one ready to list now.  I tho

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New Painted Ukulele In The Works

Since receiving a ukulele for Christmas I have become a real ukulele fan.  It is just so much fun!  The one I got for Christmas is a bright pink Hamano soprano.  It's name is Pinky, of course!  I just love it so much I had to purchase another one to paint.

After much thought I decided to go with an aquatic theme.  I had never painted a mermaid but I thought I'd give it a try.

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Merry Christmas

I've been so slack on my postings, thought it's not for lack of thinking about it.  I plan new blog posts quite often during the day when I have no access to a computer!  Then an amazing thing happens when I get home.  I totally forget all about my plans and good intentions.

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I'm Still Here!

I know it seems like I'm on a long vacation.  I wish!  I had actually completed two boxes and an album at the end of April.  Then I came down with acute bronchitis.  After a six week forced sabbatical  I was finally ready to get back to work.  But now we are also in the midst of some major home projects and that has tied up much of my time and energy.  I have managed to complete another album but just haven't been able to do the photos.  Is it only me that totally destroys the whole house when renovating one room?

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New Custom Halloween Boxes

It's 101 degrees today.  If I had a pool I would surely be in it.  I think what I really need is a friend with a pool!  So I've been spending most of my free time in the AC hard at work.  Actually after spending the day in the heat it's really hard not to come home and veg out on the couch.  But once I'm in the studio and get creating it's not hard to get motivated.

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Full Swing Into Spring


Spring!  Thank goodness it's here.  Springtime in Virginia is a strange animal though.  Last weekend I was wearing a coat.  But it was 86 degrees yesterday.  Makes life interesting.

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My Own Personal Water Park...in a shoe

Stiletto heels are a ride all unto themselves!  So naturally I had to make one into an amusement park shoe.  This shoe is called Water Park Shoe.  Generic, I know, but I'd rather be safe than risk a trademark infraction.

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Vacation Dreaming

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!  Thank goodness.  I am so ready for warm weather.  So with thoughts of sunny days ahead I find myself daydreaming of all the places I'd like to go and things I'd like to do on my perfect vacation.  Of course I don't know when I'll get a vacation but in the meantime I can at least make vacation scrapbooks.

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Snowbound In My Studio

Snowmageddon 2015 - Making The Best of It

After three snowstorms in the last two weeks I think I've had enough of winter.  Not to mention burning up two days of vacation because of it doesn't make it any better.

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Dangerous Coupons

Too Hard To Pass Up

Craft stores are wily entities.  At first you think they're being so nice by sending out those weekly coupons. Twenty percent, thirty percent and the weekly  forty percent on one regular item.  Then there's the rare fifty-five percent coupon.

After much experience and many dollars spent, I can now mostly resist the call of the twenty and thirty percents.  I even can usually let the forty percents expire.  But that evil fifty-five percent coupon.  Who could resist that one?  Not I, I can tell you that!

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